Econ 230B - Graduate Public Economics

Spring 2016 - Emmanuel Saez and Danny Yagan

This is the second of two courses in the graduate public economics sequence at Berkeley. This one-semester course covers (I) labor income taxation: behavioral responses to taxes and transfers, optimal income taxation and redistribution, (II) Taxes, Savings, and Investment, (III) Local Public Finance. Part (I) will be taught by Saez. Parts (II) and (III) will be taught by Yagan. For each topic, we combine theoretical models with empirical evidence. Each lecture is posted in pdf format with linked references (lectures by Yagan for Parts II and III will be posted on separate webpage).
The source tex file and the
pdf tables and graphs are also provided separately so that you can use and adapt this material for your own lectures (no permission needed). We would like to thank Raj Chetty and many other colleagues whose comments and lecture notes contributed to the development of these slides.


Lecture Slides:

Introduction and Road Map
pdf  tex  figures&tables

Optimal Labor Income Taxes and Transfers
pdf  tex  figures&tables

Labor Supply Responses to Taxes and Transfers
pdf  tex  figures&tables

Taxable Income Elasticities
pdf  tex  figures&tables

Tax Enforcement

pdf  tex  figures&tables

Capital Income Taxation (old 2014)
pdf  tex  figures&tables

Social Security, Retirement, and Disability (old 2014)
pdf  tex  figures&tables

Tax Favored Retirement Accounts: IRAs and 401(k)s (old 2014)
pdf  tex figures&tables

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