Fall 2004: Tuesday 4-6 PM, 608-11 Evans Hall

Convenor: Professor Bronwyn H. Hall

The innovation seminar is open to graduate students, faculty, and visitors from Economics, Haas, ARE, and other departments in the university.  Anyone who wants an electronic link added for their presentation, please send me email. Also send me email if you would like to speak this Fall.

Seminar requirements (for MBA students only this term)

Aug 31   No meeting
Sep 7
    Thomas Davidoff, Haas
    Selection and Moral Hazard in the Reverse Mortgage Market (with Gerd Welke)

Sep 14   open

Sep 21 (joint with Departmental Seminar, Wed, 4-6 PM)
    Philippe Aghion, Harvard University
    Volatility, R&D, and Growth: The Role of Financial Development

Sep 28
    Hal Varian, Fredrik Wallenberg, and Glenn Woroch, SIMS and Economics
    Who Signed Up for the Do-Not-Call List?

Oct 5
    Jun Ishii, UC Irvine, visiting UC Berkeley

Oct 13 (joint with Innovation seminar, Wed, 12-2 PM, F-555 Haas)
    Carl Shapiro, Haas
    Prior User Rights in Patent Cases

Oct 19   
    Manuel Trajtenberg, Tel Aviv University (visiting Stanford)
    Tracing the Mobility of Inventors with Patent Data

Oct 26
    Kenneth Train, Economics, and Clifford Winston, The Brooking Institution
Vehicle Choice Behavior and the Declining Market Share of U.S. Automakers

Nov 2

    Bronwyn Hall, Economics

    Exploring the Patent Explosion



Nov 16  
Todd Sinai,
Wharton School, visiting Haas
    Why Do Airlines Systematically Schedule Their Flights to Arrive Late? (with Christopher Mayer, Wharton School)

Nov 23 

    Juanjuan Zhang, Haas

    Dynamic Segmentation and Product Design

Nov 30

    Yooki Park, Economics

    Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products (with Suzanne Scotchmer)


Dec. 7
    Joe Farrell, Economics (joint with Carl Shapiro)

     How Strong Can Weak Patents Be?

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