This web site is about the The Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 4 . It will be held in Berkeley November 6 - 8, 2009. This page uses CSS to present the content in the best possible manner. If you can see this message, then CSS (or JavaScript) is not enabled in your browser, and the page will not appear as the designer intended.

November 6 - 8, 2009

The Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 4 will bring together a systematic review of the research topics, empirical findings, and methods that comprise modern labor economics. It will serve as an introduction to what has been done in this field, while at the same time indicating possible future trends which will be important in both spheres of public and private decision-making.

We expect to gather together between 30 and 35 Labor Economists for a three-day conference in Berkeley. In addition to providing high quality feedback on ongoing research we expect that this gathering will lead to new collaborative projects involving multiple researchers across campuses. We will publish the papers presented at the conference in a fourth volume of the Handbook of Labor Economics.

The Center for Labor Economics and the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University will cover the expenses for attendees’ hotel accommodation, conference meals and travel expenses. Attendee’s should plan to be in Berkeley the morning of Friday, November 6th through the afternoon of Sunday, November 8th. Please contact Thembi Anne Jackson, directly with any questions or special requests.