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George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee
Professor of Economics and Political Science

Office hours: Tuesdays 1-3 p.m. Please call or email Cheryl Applewood for an appointment: 510.643.9044 / capplewood@berkeley.edu
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Economics
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Telephone: 510.642.2772
Facsimile: 510.643.0926
Email: eichengr@econ.berkeley.edu
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Updated 22 January 2014


Yellow bear paw From Miracle to Maturity: The Growth of the Korean Economy, with Dwight H. Perkins and Kwanho Shin. Harvard University Press, November 2012.

Yellow bear paw The World Economy after the Global Crisis: A New Economic Order for the 21st Century, co-edited with Bokyeong Park. World Scientific Books, April 2012.

Yellow bear paw Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System. Oxford University Press, January 2011.


Yellow bear paw "The Crisis of European Capitalism," Current History (November 2013).

Yellow bear paw "Shinzo Abe's Excellent Adventure," Milken Review (Autumn 2013).

Yellow bear paw "Number One Country, Number One Currency?," The World Economy (April 2013).

Yellow bear paw "Currency Wars: Perception and Reality," DWS Institute White Paper, (Frankfurt: Deutsche Bank, May 2013).

Yellow bear paw "Lessons of the Europe Crisis for Monetary Integration and Cooperation in Latin America," Papers and Proceedings of the 7th Conference on Economic Studies, Fondo Latinoamericano de Reservas, Bogata: FLAR (July 2013).


Yellow bear paw "Tapering Talk: The Impact of Expectations of Reduced Federal Reserve Security Purchases on Emerging Markets", Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley and Poonam Gupta, World Bank (January 2014).

Yellow bear paw "Exports of Services: Indian Experience in Perspective" (with Poonam Gupta), Indian Growth and Development Review (2013).

Yellow bear paw "Fetters of Gold and Paper" (with Peter Temin), in Nicholas Crafts and Peter Fearon, The Great Depression of the 1930s: Lessons for Today (Oxford 2013).

Yellow bear paw "A Forensic Analysis of Global Imbalances" (with Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito), Oxford Economic Papers (Summer 2013).

Yellow bear paw "The Eurozone Crisis: Phoenix Miracle or Lost Decade?" (with Jaeun Jung, Stephen Moch and Ashoka Mody), Journal of Macroeconomics (Autumn 2013).

Yellow bear paw "When Did the Dollar Overtake Sterling as the Leading International Currency? Evidence from the Bond Markets", Journal of Development Economics (2013).

Yellow bear paw "The Financial Crisis and Indian Banks: Survival of the Fittest?" (with Poonam Gupta), Journal of International Money and Finance (December 2013).

Yellow bear paw "Does the Federal Reserve Care About the Rest of the World?", Journal of Economic Perspectives (2013).

Yellow bear paw "Political Extremism in the 1920s and 1930s: Do the German Lessons Generalize?" (with Alan de Bromhead and Keven O'Rourke), Journal of Economic History (July 2013).

Yellow bear paw "Currency War or International Policy Coordination?", Journal of Policy Modeling, May/June 2013.

Yellow bear paw "The Bretton Woods System," in Randall Parker and Robert Whaples eds, Routledge Handbook of Major Events in Economic History (Routledge 2013).

Yellow bear paw "The Architecture and Governance of Financial Supervision: Sources and Implications" (with Nergiz Dincer), International Finance (2013).


Yellow bear paw Latin America: Now Comes the Hard Part, , Latin Finance , forthcoming September 2013.

Yellow bear paw A Tale of Two Tapers, Project Syndicate, 11 July 2013.

Yellow bear paw Bernanke's "Tapering Crisis" - Made in Shanghai?, Finanz und Wirtschaft, 3 July 2013.


Yellow bear paw Berkeley Economic History Laboratory (BEHL)

Yellow bear paw The Bellagio Group, January 17-18, 2014, Paris.

Yellow bear paw The World in Depression 1929-1939, 40th Anniversary Edition, by Charles P. Kindleberger, featuring foreword by Barry Eichengreen (with J. Bradford Delong). University of California Press, January 2013.

Yellow bear paw Peterson Institute for International Economics

Yellow bear paw

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