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Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics
Associate Director,
     Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE)
University of California, Berkeley

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
Fellow, National Education Policy Center
Fellow, CESifo Research Network
Research Fellow, IZA


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NEW "The Earned Income Tax Credit." With Austin Nichols (March 2015).

NEW "The Effect of Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Evidence from the 2012-2013 Phase-Out." Prepared for the annual meeting of the American Economic Association, Boston MA, January 2015. With Henry S. Farber and Robert G. Valletta (January 2015).

NEW "Revisiting the Impacts of Teachers" (October 2014).

"Scraping By: Income and Program Participation After the Loss of Extended Unemployment Benefits," with Robert G. Valletta (February 2014).

"The Great Recession and its Aftermath: What Role for Structural Changes?" (June 2014).


NEW "Teacher Quality Policy When Supply Matters." American Economic Review 105(1), January 2015. p.p. 100-130. (Pre-publication version) (New York Times op ed) (Replication archive).

NEW "Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance in the Great Recession," with Andreas Mueller and Till von Wachter> (updated October 2014). Forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics. (NBER digest summary for lay audience) . (Replication: (1) Programs and logs (with readme); (2) raw data (1.5 GB) ).

"Permanent Income and the Black-White Test Score Gap", with Nathan Wozny. Journal of Human Resources 48(3), Summer 2013, p.p. 510-544. (Pre-publication version) (Replication archive).

"Review of Two Culminating Reports from the MET Project." (with William J. Mathis). Published online in Think Tank Review, National Education Policy Center, Boulder Colorado, January 31, 2013.

"The Labor Market Four Years Into the Crisis: Assessing Structural Explanations" Industrial and Labor Relations Review 65(3), June 2012, p.p. 467-500. (Pre-publication version) (Replication archive) (June 2014 update).

"Unemployment Insurance and Job Search in the Great Recession" (October 2011). Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall 2011, p.p. 143-210. (Pre-publication version) (Replication archive).

"Evaluating Teacher Evaluation," with Linda Darling-Hammond, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, and Edward Haertel. Phi Delta Kappan 93(6), March 2012, p.p. 8-15. (Free version).

"Constrained After College: Student Loans and Early Career Occupational Choices," with Cecilia Rouse. Journal of Public Economics 95(1-2), February 2011, p.p. 149-163. . (Pre-publication version).

"Review of 'Learning About Teaching: Initial Findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project.'" Published online in Think Tank Review, National Education Policy Center, Boulder Colorado, January 13, 2011.

"Teacher Quality in Educational Production: Tracking, Decay, and Student Achievement." Quarterly Journal of Economics 125(1), February 2010, p.p. 175-214. Note: An early version of this paper circulated as "Do Value-Added Models Add Value?" (Pre-publication version) (Appendix) (Replication archive).

"Are Mixed Neighborhoods Always Unstable? Two-Sided and One-Sided Tipping," with David Card and Alexandre Mas. In Neighborhood and Life Chances: How Place Matters in Modern America, Harriet B. Newburger, Eugenie Birch and Susan Wachter, eds., 2011, University of Pennsylvania Press. (Pre-publication version) (Replication archive).

"Is the EITC as Good as an NIT? Conditional Cash Transfers and Tax Incidence." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2 (1), February 2010, p.p. 177-208. (Pre-publication version) (Appendix). (Replication archive) (Earlier working paper version, titled "The Unintended Consequences of Encouraging Work: Tax Incidence and the EITC").

"The Value of School Facility Investments: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design," with Stephanie Cellini and Fernando Ferreira. Quarterly Journal of Economics. 125 (1), February 2010, p.p. 215-261. (Pre-publication version) (Appendix) (Replication archive).

"Student Sorting and Bias in Value Added Estimation: Selection on Observables and Unobservables." Education Finance and Policy 4(4), Fall 2009, 537-571. (Pre-publication version).

"Selection Bias in College Admissions Test Scores," with Melissa Clark and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach. Economics of Education Review 28(3), June 2009, pp. 295-307. (Pre-publication version).

"Affirmative Action in Law School Admissions: What Do Racial Preferences Do?" with Albert Yoon. University of Chicago Law Review 75(2), Spring 2008, pp. 649-714.

"Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation," with David Card and Alexandre Mas. Quarterly Journal of Economics 123(1), February 2008, pp. 177-218. (Replication archive).

"Does Competition Among Public Schools Benefit Students and Taxpayers? A Comment on Hoxby (2000)." American Economic Review 97(5), December 2007, pp. 2026-2037. (Pre-publication version) (Appendix) (Replication, prior versions, & supplementary material) (Rejoinder to Professor Hoxby's Reply).

"Racial Segregation and the Black-White Test Score Gap," with David Card. Journal of Public Economics 91(11-12), December 2007, pp. 2158-2184. (Pre-publication version) (Data appendix) (NBER digest summary for lay audience).

"Good Principals or Good Peers: Parental Valuation of School Characteristics, Tiebout Equilibrium, and the Incentive Effects of Competition Among Jurisdictions." American Economic Review 96(4), September 2006, pp. 1333-1350. (Pre-publication version) (Appendices) (Data and replication archive [23MB]).

"Race, Income, and College in 25 Years: The Continuing Legacy of Segregation and Discrimination," with Alan Krueger and Sarah Turner. American Law and Economics Review 8(2), Summer 2006, pp. 282-311. (Pre-publication version).

"Was Justice O'Connor Right? Race and Highly Selective College Admissions in 25 Years," with Alan Krueger and Sarah Turner. In College Access: Opportunity or Privilege, Michael McPherson and Morton Schapiro, eds, New York: The College Board, 2006, pp. 35-46.

"College Performance Predictions and the SAT." Journal of Econometrics 121(1-2), July-August 2004, pp. 297-317. (Pre-publication version) (Policy brief).


"Mismatch in Law School," with Albert Yoon (updated: May 2009).

"SAT Scores, High Schools, and Collegiate Performance Predictions" (updated: June 2009).


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