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Unpublished Research

"Congested Observational Learning" (with Erik Eyster, Andrea Galeotti, and Navin Kartik), March 2014. Abstract

"Extensive Imitation is Irrational and Harmful" (with Erik Eyster), September 2013. Abstract

"Financial Markets where Traders Neglect the Informational Content of Prices" (with Erik Eyster and Dimitri Vayanos), August 2013. Abstract

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"A Model of Non-Belief in the Law of Large Numbers" (with Dan Benjamin and Collin Raymond), March 2013. Abstract, Appendix

"The Limits to Imitation in Rational Observational Learning" (with Erik Eyster), August 2012. Abstract

"Rational Observational Learning" (with Erik Eyster), February 2011. Abstract

"Rational and Naive Herding" (with Erik Eyster), June 2009. Abstract  This is a revised and altered version the "Naive Herding" paper listed below.

"Naive Herding" (with Erik Eyster), August 2008. Abstract

"Addiction and Present-Biased Preferences" (with Ted O'Donoghue), October 2000. Abstract

"Bargaining Structure, Fairness, and Efficiency," mimeo, June 1996. (Berkeley Department of Economics Working Paper). Abstract

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"Squaring Both Sides: An Essay on Methodology"

"Peak-Load Pricing During Hyperinflation"

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"Total Insight Management: A Revolutionary New Approach to Academic Research"

"The Economics of Tall Grass and Wildflowers: A Field Experiment"

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