Mixed Logit Estimation by Hierarchical Bayes

Author: Kenneth Train

Copyright (c) 2006. Kenneth Train.

Keywords: discrete choice, logit, simulation, Bayes

References: Kenneth Train, Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation, Chapter 12 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003.)

Kenneth Train and Garrett Sonnier, Mixed Logits with Bounded Distributions of Partworths, December 2002.

Platforms: Matlab. The same Matlab program can be run on either Unix (Solaris 9) or PC (Wintel/NT/XP) platforms.

Support: This code was developed by Kenneth Train at the University of California, Berkeley. If you discover problems or have questions, please call or e-mail Ken Train at 415-291-1023, train@econ.berkeley.edu.

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   3803 Oct  3 13:47 ReadMe.txt
  10337 Oct  3 13:47 check.m
 149417 Oct  3 13:47 data.txt
   5478 Oct  3 13:47 doit.m
   2325 Oct  3 13:47 hbmcmc.m
   2163 Oct  3 13:47 logit.m
  11513 Oct  3 13:47 mxlhb.m
  18871 Oct  3 13:47 myrunKT.out
    225 Oct  3 13:47 nextA.m
    563 Oct  3 13:47 nextB.m
    313 Oct  3 13:47 nextD.m
    334 Oct  3 13:47 nextDdiag.m
    319 Oct  3 13:47 nextF.m
    474 Oct  3 13:47 trans.m

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