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Registry of Economics Course Home Pages
CAVEAT: Once the semester is over and course pages are archived, the web authoring staff in the Economics Department do not touch these pages and make no effort to ensure that all links on the page are accurate. Instructors may, however, choose to eliminate, modify, or move pages that they maintain themselves.

Fall 2008

1, Introduction to Economics, K. E. Train
100B, Macroeconomic Analysis, S. A. Wood
101A, Microeconomic Theory, D. Card
136, Financial Economics, A. G. Szeidl
141, Econometric Analysis, J. Powell
C171, Economic Development, A.Dejanvry
C181, International Trade, A.E. Harrison
182, International Monetary Economics, P. Gourinchas
H195, Honors Thesis Seminar, R. Craine
202A, Macroeconomic Theory, M. Obstfeld
210C, Topics in American Economic History, C. Romer
215A, Political Economics, G. R. Roland
219A, Foundations of Psychology and Economics, M. Rabin
230A, Public Economics, N. Chetty
234A, Macroeconomic Finance, A. G. Szeidl
236A, Aggregate Economics, D. Romer
240A, Econometrics, M. Jansson
241B, Econometrics, M. Jansson
250C, Labor Economics, D. E. Card
260A, Comparative Economics, G. R. Roland
280A, International Economics, P. K. Bardhan
301, GSI Practicum, M. L. Olney

Summer 2008

157, Health Economics, A. Hodgson

Spring 2008

1, Introduction to Economics, M L. Olney
2, Introduction to Economics, C. Romer
100B, Macroeconomic Analysis, S A. Wood
101A, Microeconomic Theory, S. DellaVigna
101B, Macroeconomic Theory, J B. Delong
115, The World Economy in the Twentieth Century, B J. Eichengreen
121, Industrial Organization and Public Policy, A S. Edlin [B]
138, Financial and Behavioral Economics, U. Malmendier
C142, Applied Econometrics, A. Weber
154, Economics of Discrimination M L. Olney
162, The Chinese Economy, D. Roland-Holst[B]
173, Economic Development Seminar, P K. Bardhan
182, International Monetary Economics, K A. Kasa [B]
190, Seminar on Topics in Economics, A. Arnon
198, Personal Financial Management, F. Selinger [B]
202B, Macroeconomic Theory, Y. Gorodnichenko and D. Romer
209B, Theory and Application of Non-Cooperative Games: II, S. Kariv
210A, Introduction to Economic History, J B. Delong and J. de Vries
215B, Political Economics, E. Kaplan
219B, Psychology and Economics, S. DellaVigna
220B, Industrial Organization, J. Farrell
234C, Financial Decision Making in Firms, U. Malmendier
236B, Aggregate Economics, Y. Gorodnichenko
240B, Econometrics (first half), J L Powell
241A, Econometric Theory, J L Powell
244, Applied Econometrics, K E. Train
270C, Development Economics, B S. Graham
270D, Special Topics in Development, A. Arnon
280C, International Economics, M. Obstfeld
301, Pedagogy Seminar for GSIs, M L. Olney

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