Hall, Bronwyn H.

Mailing Address:
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Economics
549 Evans Hall # 3880
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880
Ph.D., Stanford University (1988)
Associate Professor of Economics

Fields: Applied econometrics and technical change, industrial organization

Past Research Topics: Panel data estimation (linear and nonlinear models, count data models, dynamic factor models); patents as indicators of innovative output; firm size and growth; effect of corporate restructuring on innovation and R&D; logit estimation for markets with highly differential products and applications to mergers.

Current Research Topics: R&D, investment, and liquidity at the firm level, including international comparisons of micro estimates; valuation of intangible corporate assets (using citation-weighted patents; including market share); estimation of panel data models using GMM; mergers, survival, and R&D.

Additional Interests: Industrial policy, technology and science policy, and growth; empirical tests of transaction cost economics; international comparisons of corporate governance and capital markets, especially France, Japan, UK, Germany.

Home Page: http://elsa.berkeley.edu/~bhhall

Email Address: bhhall@econ.Berkeley.EDU

Grace Katagiri
22 September 1997