Rules and Policies



  • No food or drinks are allowed.
  • No smoking is permitted.
  • If you need to consult with someone, talk quietly. Do not disturb all the other users.
  • Keep the workstation and printer areas clean. Pick up your trash and dispose of it properly when you leave.
  • Do not write on the workstations, tables, or walls. Ample whiteboards and cork bulletin boards are installed to accommodate messages and notices.
  • Report any problems with the network to your TA or instructor. If neither is available, send mail to trouble@econ. Security problems should be reported immediately to the Laboratory Manager in 643 Evans (2-0619), or directly to the campus police department at 2-6760.
  • Please do not remain logged on to a workstation if you leave the room for more than ten minutes. You should log out and leave a note on the unit saying when you will return to resume your session.
  • Do not sit in front of a workstation if you are not using it.
  • If you are the last person to leave the room, be sure the door to 616 Evans is closed and securely locked.
  • Do not give the 616 Evans door lock combination to anyone else, and do not write the combination anywhere. The combination on the door lock will be changed at the beginning of each semester and summer session.
  • Be reasonably restrained about printer use. You will be charged five cents per page if you exceed your courtesy page quota. Information about printer use is posted in room 616 Evans and in the system "news".
  • The workstation in the southeast corner of room 616 Evans (closest to the bookshelves) is designated for handicapped use. It may be used by anyone, but handicapped users always have priority over other users of that particular workstation.
  • You are not permitted to play any games on any machine.
  • Please do not use the telephone in room 614 or 616 Evans for personal calls. The telephone in each room is provided for safety (call 2-6760 for the police department in an emergency, and 2-1032 for building maintenance), and not personal convenience. Local and campus calls can be received, but only campus calls may go out. There is a pay phone in the hall across from the south bank of elevators for general use.
  • The econometrics and statistics journals may not be taken out of 616 Evans Hall. If there is an article in a particular journal that you wish to copy, please feel free to take the journal and make your copy, but do it promptly and return the journal as soon as you can.
  • The manuals and other reference material may not be removed from 616 Evans for any reason.

Compute Servers

  • All big jobs shall be niced to a low priority.
  • For jobs that will require more than 15 minutes, limit the use of resources to no more than 25% of each machine
  • Monitor/check hour long jobs every 15 minutes and twice a day for jobs that take more than 4 hours.

Report any problems regarding equipment or system failure to the EML (or SCF) staff by sending email to trouble@econ or by reporting the problem directly to room 643 Evans or 499 Evans. For more information or questions on the use of application packages, programming languages, libraries, or compilers, send mail to consult@econ. Questions or problems about accounts should be sent to manager@econ. In case of a machine-related emergency, there is a list of people to contact posted on the door of 450 Evans Hall (the machine room).