Services for Self-Maintained Computers


Users can directly read from and write to their UNIX home directories and web areas. This service is provided by Samba and may require that the user have the same account name on their computer as they do on the EML.



ECON-LP1: HP LaserJet 4015X, "616a" printer

ECON-LP6: HP LaserJet 4015X, "616b" printer

Users can print from local applications to network printers. Printer drivers may be required on the user's computer which must be installed by the user.


  1. Click Start, then Run...
  2. Type \\\printername in the search box (i.e., \\\ECON-LP1 or \\\ECON-LP6). There may be a delay as your computer connects to the print server.
  3. If prompted to login, enter your CalNet ID (in the form\user) and passphrase. Be sure to check the box to save your login information. The driver will download from the server; it may make a few minutes.


  1. Go to System Preferences, the Print & Scan.
  2. Click the + sign, then select Add Other Printer or Scanner (if you see that option).
  3. Right-click or Control-click in a black area of the the Add Printer toolbar
  4. Select "Customize Your Toolbar"
  5. Drag the "Advanced" gear icon into the toolbar
  6. Click "Done"
  7. Click "Advanced", from the "Type" drop down menu select: "Windows printer via spools"
  8. In the URL field, type: smb://
  9. Choose the driver
  10. When printing for the first time, enter CalNet ID and passphrase, click the box "Remember this password in the keychain"


Access to the internet is available by a wireless connection to an eduroam access point. eduroam is available to all offices within the Department of Economics.


The EML will provide information and recommendations on how to resolve problems and give advice on the administration of computers. This information will be provided to the best of our ability and is limited to information that we have at hand.