What computers can I remotely connect to?

This is a partial list of EML servers. Some have access restrictions?

You can also browse a list of EML computers on our Computer Grid page. The list of computers is sortable by free computing cycles, free memory, and other relevant parameters.

  • blundell.berkeley.edu
  • durban.berkeley.edu
  • fargo.berkeley.edu
  • frisch.berkeley.edu
  • griliches.berkeley.edu
  • iia.berkeley.edu
  • jorgenson.berkeley.edu
  • laffont.berkeley.edu
  • logit.berkeley.edu
  • nerlove.berkeley.edu *
  • quesnay.berkeley.edu
  • radner.berkeley.edu
  • theil.berkeley.edu

* Access to nerlove is restricted to individuals who have obtained instructions regarding the use and limitations of running jobs on the compute servers. Please contact the EML staff to register as a restricted compute server user or to schedule access to additional resources on the EML compute servers.