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Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?
Tests for Direct Causal Paths between Health and Socioeconomic Status

Journal of Econometrics (2003), 112, 3-56


Peter Adams, University of California, Berkeley,
Michael Hurd, RAND Corporation,
Daniel McFadden, University of California, Berkeley,
Angela Merrill, Mathematica,
Tiago Ribeiro,* University of California, Berkeley

Preprint Draft, February 2002


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  • Text, References, Endnotes, and Table 1 [PDF; 295KB]

  • Tables 2-8 [PDF; 111KB]

  • Tables 9-13 [PDF; 90KB]

  • Figures 1-8 [PDF; 101KB]
  • Appendix [PDF; 397KB]
  • Data, data generation code, and analysis files are not recommended for download by modem.
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  • Text, References, Endnotes, Tables,
    and Figures in one file [PDF;594KB]
  • Appendix [PDF; 397KB]
  • Data [Zip archive, 21.8MB, of files in directory 'data']
  • Code that generates the data [Zip archive, 1.7MB, of subdirectories and files in directory 'datagen']
  • Analysis files [Zip archive, 6.5MB, of subdirectories and files in directory 'hww']
  • There are three directories; each directory has a README file; major subdirectories also have explanatory README files.

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  • All-inclusive Zip archive: Text, References, Endnotes, Tables, Figures, and Appendix [PDF, 1.6MB]

  • Supplemental working paper: "Discrete Dynamic Models: A HMM Approach to Estimation and Forecasting Using Panel Survey Data," by Tiago Ribeiro, 2002

    *Tiago Ribeiro ackowledges support from scholarship PRAXIS XXI/BD/16014/98 from the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.


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