This file contains 4,666 citing-cited pairs for the ecopatents and controls, plus 360 observations for ecopatents/controls that have no cites, for a total of 5026 observations. The file is in stata version 12 format. The appln and publn variables are the same as those on PATSTAT, which can be consulted for exact code definitions.

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Contains data from C:\Users\Bronwyn Hall\Documents\Dropbox\eco_patents\data\citations_appln.dta

  obs:         5,026                          Master list of ecopatents and matched controls - Apr17 patstat

 vars:            44                          5 Aug 2017 13:33

 size:     1,105,720                          (_dta has notes)


              storage   display    value

variable name   type    format     label      variable label


appln_auth      str2    %9s                   Application Authority

appln_filing_~e int     %td                   Application filing date

appln_id        long    %12.0f                Application id PATSTAT APR 2017

appln_id_old    long    %10.0g                nonpermanent Patstat application id

appln_id_str    str9    %9s                   application id PATSTAT (str9)

appln_kind      str1    %9s                   Application type

appln_nr        str12   %12s                  Application number

appln_year      int     %10.0g                Application year

ctng_appln_auth str2    %9s                   Application authority of citing patent

ctng_appln_fi~e int     %d                    Application date of citing patent

ctng_appln_id   long    %12.0f                Application id for citing patent (PATSTAT)

ctng_appln_kind str1    %9s                   Application type of citing patent (PATSTAT)

ctng_appln_nr   str12   %12s                  Application number of citing patent

ctng_appln_year int     %10.0g                Application year of citing patent

ctng_docdb_fa~d long    %10.0g                DOCDB family id of citing patent

ctng_docdb_fa~e byte    %10.0g                No of DOCDB family members for citing patent

ctng_earliest~d long    %10.0g                Earliest publn id for citing patent

ctng_granted    byte    %10.0g                Dummy (citing patent has been granted)

ctng_publn_auth str2    %9s                   Publication authority of citing patent

ctng_publn_date int     %d                    Publication date of citing patent

ctng_publn_id   long    %12.0f                Publication id of ctng document (long)

ctng_publn_kind str2    %9s                   Kind of citing patent publn (PATSTAT)

ctng_publn_nr   str12   %12s                  Citing patent publn number (PATSTAT)

docdb_family_id long    %10.0g                DOCDB family id number

docdb_family_~e byte    %10.0g                # DOCDB family members

earliest_pat_~d long    %12.0f                Earliest publication id

ecopc           byte    %9.0g                 Dummy for eco-patent

entry_date      int     %d                    Date firm entered commons

equivalent      str8    %9s                   Sample id (eco and con followed by seq number)

grant_date      int     %d                    Date patent granted

granted         byte    %10.0g                Ever granted

gyear           int     %9.0g                 Year of patent grant

id              str14   %14s                  Unique publn ID

keep_name       str11   %11s                  Standardized name of patent owner

legal_status    int     %28.0g     legal_status_lab

                                              Legal status as of February/March 2011

ncites          int     %9.0g                 Number of cites for this appln_id

nocites         byte    %9.0g                 Dummy (patent has no cites)

publn_auth      str2    %9s                   Publication authority

publn_date      int     %d                    Publication date

publn_kind      str2    %9s                   Publication Kind

publn_nr        str12   %12s                  Publication number

publn_year      int     %9.0g                 Publication Year (created)

sample94        byte    %9.0g                 Priority patent - for the 94 pat sample

std_name        str53   %53s                  Standardized name of patent owner