Fiscal Policy: Lessons from Economic Research

"Federalism as a Device for Reducing the Budget of the Central Government"
John Quigley, UC Berkeley
Daniel Rubinfeld, UC Berkeley
(Burch working paper no. B96-11).

"Do Budget Rules Work?"
James Poterba, MIT
(Burch working paper no. B96-12).

"Public Policy for Health Care"
David Cutler, Harvard University
(Burch working paper no. B96-13).

"Work, Welfare and Family Sructure: What Have We Learned?"
Hilary Hoynes, UC Berkeley
(Burch working paper no. B96-14).

"Tax Policy and Investment"
Kevin Hassett, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
R. Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University
(Burch working paper no. B96-15).

"Tax Policy and the Activities of Multinational Corporations"
James Hines, Harvard University
(Burch working paper no. B96-16).

"Rethinking Savings Incentives"
B. Douglas Bernheim, Stanford University
(Burch working paper no. B96-17).

"Privatizing Social Security in the U.S.: Why and How?"
Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston University
(Burch working paper no. B96-18).