o       Current Working Papers

Verifiability and Group Formation in Markets [pdf], (with S. Scotchmer)


o       Publications


Sharing Risk and Ambiguity  [pdf], (with L. Rigotti), Journal of Economic Theory, 147(5), pp. 2028-2039.

Knightian Uncertainty and Moral Hazard, (with G. Lopomo and L. Rigotti), Journal of Economic Theory, 146(3), pp. 1148-1172.

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The Dynamic Evolution of Preferences [pdf], (with A. Heifetz and Y. Spiegel), Economic Theory,  32(2), pp. 251-286.

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Quadratic Concavity and Determinacy of Equilibrium, (with B. Zame) Econometrica, vol. 70(2), pp. 631-662. earlier version (with more examples)


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o        Older Working Papers

Recent Advances in Understanding Competitive Markets, March 2002

Generalized Convex Games (with P. Milgrom), August 1996

An Ordinal Theory of Games with Strategic Complementarities, June 1990