Why arXiv?

I'm one of the moderators for economics in arXiv.

Many economists use SSRN, which is owned by Elsevier.

But when someone wants to read your paper on SSRN, this can happen:

(screenshot from clicking on either ``download'' or ``open'' PDF on April 9 2020).

Without signing up for Elsevier's SSRN, I can't read your paper! Why would you want to limit anyone's access to your research?

Consider submitting your papers to arXiv : it is open, community run, funded by the Simons foundation and hosted by Cornell University.

We have categories for economic theory, econometrics, and general economics. The latter is a residual category for all fields other than theory and metrics: We hope to expand to additional categories in the future.

Here are some suggestions on how to submit your paper to arXiv.