Jón Steinsson -- Teaching Material

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Textbook Chapters: (Rough outline of the book)

Work and Leisure

Market Efficiency and Market Failure

Malthus and Pre-Industrial Stagnation

Slides -- Figures

How Did Growth Begin? The Industrial Revolution and Its Antecedents

Money, Inflation, and Output: A Quantity-Theoretic Introduction



Identification in Macroeconomics (with Emi Nakamura)

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 32(3), 59-86, August 2018.
Slides -- Appendix -- Replication Material

Price Rigidity: Microeconomic Evidence and Macroeconomic Implications (with Emi Nakamura)

Annual Review of Economics, 5, 133-163, 2013.

Teaching Material:

Identification in Macroeconomics -- Latex Files

Evidence on Monetary Non-Neutrality -- Latex Files

Fiscal Stimulus: Evidence

Price Rigidity: Microeconomic Evidence and Macroeconomic Implications

Phillips Curve Estimation: Basics -- Latex Files

Phillips Curve: Structural Estimation -- Latex Files

Phillips Curve: Cross-Sectional Estimation -- Latex Files

Consumption: Basic Permanent Income Model -- Latex Files

Response of Consumption to Income Shocks -- Latex Files

Precautionary Savings, Liquidity Constraints, and Self-Control -- Latex Files

Consumption Based Asset Pricing: Basics -- Latex Files

Estimating the IES -- Latex Files

Aggregate Risks -- Latex Files

Neoclassical Labor Supply

Capital Accumulation and Growth: The Solow Model -- Latex Files

The Neoclassical Growth Model: Aka Ramsay-Cass-Koopmans Model -- Latex Files

Growth Accounting -- Latex Files

Development Accounting -- Latex Files

Fundamental Causes of Growth -- Latex Files

Ideas and Growth -- Latex Files

The Expanding Variety Model -- Latex Files

Creative Destruction: The Quality Ladder Model -- Latex Files

The Overlapping Generations Model -- Latex Files

Exchange Rate Regimes

Exchange Rate Models and Spurious Regressions

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