Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 10:03:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chancellor'
Subject: Campus Memo: Nobel Prize for Economics

October 12, 2000
Original memo date is October 11, 2000


Re: Nobel Prize for Economics

Please join me in congratulating our colleague Daniel L. McFadden, the E. 
Morris Cox Professor of Economics in UC Berkeley's College of Letters and 
Science, upon being awarded this year's Nobel Prize in economics.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences today announced that Professor 
McFadden will share the 2000 Nobel Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Science 
in Memory of Alfred Nobel with Professor James J. Heckman of the University 
of Chicago.

The Nobel Prize is the ultimate recognition for Professor McFadden of a 
lifetime of outstanding work in econometrics. For decades he has placed his 
work squarely in the service of society. He  has developed techniques to 
help address society's most complex policy challenges in areas such as 
public transportation, communications, health care, housing, welfare and 
the environment. His economic models are part of the foundation of tools 
and techniques used by economists to  better understand human choices that 
govern the success or failure of public policy in these areas.

I am delighted to share with you this news of Professor McFadden's 
well-deserved and exceptional achievement. I hope you will take a moment to 
reflect on the extraordinary strength of our university community, in which 
we have moments such as this-to share Berkeley's best with the world at 
large, and to take pride in those with whom we work.

I am sure you will be reading and hearing more about Berkeley's newest 
Nobel Laureate in the hours and days to come. Please don't hesitate to 
share this wonderful news with others and again to join me in extending our 
warmest congratulations to Professor McFadden, his wife Beverlee and their 
family at this joyous moment in their lives.

Robert M. Berdahl