Photo of Daniel McFadden
Economics Faculty

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University of California, Berkeley

Department of Economics
549 Evans Hall # 3880
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880

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Last modified on 12/20/2000

E. Morris Cox Professor of Economics and 2000 Nobel Laureate
Director, Econometrics Laboratory

On a more personal note, the photos available here are from December 6-14, 2000 in Stockholm, during the Nobel Week festivities. We don't have good photos of the Nobel awards ceremony or the Nobel banquet (the halls were too large and dark), but we have some fun photos of the McFaddens and their extended family.

The photos are mostly 320x240 pixels (about 160KB on average) and are displayed six to a page, so the download shouldn't be too slow, except for the slower modems. If you click on the photos, you'll get the full 1280x960 pixel image (about 360KB on average; I don't recommend this for viewers with slower modems). The 1280x960 images are suitable for printing 8x10 glossies on a color printer.

The list of photo groupings given below is finite, exhaustive, and mutually exclusive. So as Dan said at the Nobel Banquet, "may all your choices be discrete". Enjoy!

Other items of interest, courtesy of the Nobel Foundation.