~~ Econ 281, Spring 2006

ECON 281/ARE 239
Seminar in International Economics

Spring 2006

(Supported by the Clausen Center for International Business & Policy & the Department of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley)

Instructor: Maurice Obstfeld
Instructor: Ann Harrison
Schedule: Mondays 12-2 pm
597 Evans Hall (before Spring Break)
201 Giannini Hall (after Spring Break)
January 23 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas , UC Berkeley
  An Equilibrium Model of "Global Imbalances" and Low Interest Rates (joint with Ricardo Caballero and Emmanuel Farhi)
January 30 Note: This seminar will be in held in Evans 608-7.
Natalia Ramondo, University of Chicago
  Size, Geography, and Multinational Production
February 6 Assaf Razin, Tel Aviv University
  Vying for Foreign Direct Investment: A EU-type Model of Tax Competition
February 13 Philippe Martin, Universite de Paris and CEPR
  Make Trade Not War?
February 20 President's Day Holiday
February 27 Eric Fisher , Ohio State University
  The Evolution of Comparative Advantage (Joint with Fernando Vega-Redondo)
March 8 (Wed) Joint with Departmental Seminar
March 13 No Meeting
March 20 Joshua Aizenman, UC Santa Cruz
  International Reserves: Precautionary versus Mercantilist Views, Theory and Evidence (Joint with Jaewoo Lee)
March 27 Spring Break
Seminars after spring break will be held in 201 Giannini Hall.
April 3 Robert Feenstra , UC Davis
  Export Variety and Country Productivity: Estimating the Monopolistic Competition Model with Endogenous Productivity (Joint with Hiau Looi Kee)
April 10 Larry Karp , UC Berkeley
  Cost Uncertainty and Escape Clauses: A Proposal to Reform the Kyoto Protocol (Joint with Jinhua Zhao)
April 17 Josh Ederington , University of Kentucky
  Endogenous Technology Adoption, Government Policy and Tariffication (Joint with Phillip McCalman)
April 24 Elhanan Helpman , Harvard
  Incomplete Contracts and Technology Adoption (joint with Daron Acemoglu and Pol Antras)
May 1 Martin Evans , Georgetown
  International Capital Flows, Returns and World Financial Integration
May 8 No Meeting

May 15 Pol Antras, Harvard