Economics 375
Pedagogy Workshop for Economics
University of California, Berkeley
Spring 2018

Professor Martha Olney
Office location:  691 Evans Hall
Office hours
for Econ 375 students:  email for an appointment


Bcourses -- (assignments, readings)

Online Course on Professional Standards and
Ethics in Teaching (Required)

Must be completed by end of 2nd week, 5 p.m.

Online UCB Teaching Resources
Teaching Resources Portal
Teaching Materials (CTL)
GSI Center
How Students Learn (GSI Center Series)
Room Information (ETS)
More Room Information (Registrar; click link along bottom)
Academic Calendar (choose pdf)

Teaching Resources from other sources
Starting Point: Teaching & Learning Economics
Diversifying Econ (wiki, inclusive teaching)
The tch-econ listserve

An interfaith religious calendar
Journal of Economic Education
Journal for Economic Educators
Journal of Economics Teaching
International Review of Economics Education
Insight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching
Economics resources for university teaching
Bloom's Taxonomy
Women's Ways of Knowing summary
Perry's Model of Intellectual & Ethical Development
Perry's Model & Women's Ways of Knowing Interwoven

               In addition to enrolling in this class, first-time GSIs are required by the Graduate Council to:
1.   Attend the Teaching Conference for GSIs on Friday, January 12, 2018

2.   Complete the Online Course on Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching by end of 2nd week of classes

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