The most courageous thing we humans do is to say "hello" to one another . . . to spend time together, getting to know one another, opening ourselves to each other, loving each other, confiding in and confessing to each other, all the things we do to nurture relationships with one another. Oh what wonders and love we share because we have said "hello." And we say hello knowing that, at some point, a time of change will come. Perhaps that change looks like moving to another town or state, perhaps it looks like leaving a job we really love, perhaps it looks like a relationship that has gone as far as it will and what was once two together are now two apart, perhaps it looks like a goodbye to this life here and a movement into the next life to come. Whatever it looks like, this change, this goodbye is painful, full of grief, full of memories, full of the love that undergirded the "hellos."

Deborah Lyn,
Baptist Peacemaker Extraordinaire 

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