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University of California, Berkeley

Department of Economics
549 Evans Hall # 3880
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880

(510) 642-0822

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Graduate Student Instructor

Andres Aradillas-Lopez

Ayse Yesim Orhun

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Last modified on 11/15/2002


Fall 2002
Tu - Th, 11:00-1:00 PM, 608-7 Evans


Professor James Powell, (First Half)
Office Hours: Tuesday, 2:00-3:30 PM, 669 Evans

Daniel McFadden, (Second Half)
Office Hours: Tuesday, 4:00-6:00 PM, 655 Evans

First Half

Syllabus and Reading list, First half

Econometrics Paper Requirements

Problem Sets

  • Problem Set 1, Part 1
  • Problem Set 1, Part 2
  • Problem Set 2, Part 1
  • Problem Set 2, Part 2
  • Problem Set 3
  • Problem Set 3 Answers (Revised 10/12)
  • First Midterm Exam

    Data Sets for Empirical Exercises

  • Engel Curve Data (Engel.txt)
  • Quarterly National Income and Product Accounts (Qnipa.txt)
  • Earnings Data Set (Earnings.txt)

    Second Half

    Syllabus and Reading list, Second half

    Lecture Notes
    Copyright: Daniel McFadden, 1999


    The following class data sets are all columnar, plain ascii text files:

    ex1-1.dat, ex1-2.dat, klem.dat and ex5.dat

    You can download them to disk by placing the mouse pointer on the link, holding down the SHIFT key, and doing a left-click with the mouse.

    If you are doing the class exercises on the EML Suns, you can simply link to these data sets rather than download them. To do this, issue the following comands from your home directory:

    ln -s /class/data/e240/fall99/ex1-1.dat
    ln -s /class/data/e240/fall99/ex1-2.dat
    ln -s /class/data/e240/fall99/klem.dat
    ln -s /class/data/e240/fall99/ex5.dat

    These files will appear in your home directory as zero bytes in size; if you use the "ls -l" command, you will see they are actually simlinks. However, you will be able to read them into your programs as though they actually existed in your home directory.

    Problem Sets

    • Exercise 0 [PDF]. Hypothesis Testing in an MNL Model Fitted by MLE
    • Exercise 1 [PDF].Growth and Exit of Firms
    • Exercise 2 [PDF].Growth and Exit of Firms, cont.
    • Exercise 3 [PDF].Growth and Exit of Firms, cont.
    • Exercise 4 [PDF].Demand Systems for Factors of Production
    • Exercise 5 [PDF].The Market for Gasoline