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Economics 122: Industrial Organization Seminar

Wednesdays, 2-5pm, 35 Evans Hall.
Instructor: Professor Kenneth Train

Each student will write a paper and present it to the class. The paper can be on any topic within industrial organization, including regulation and industry studies. In the first meetings of the course, Prof. Train will present several of his own papers, in order to give students a sense of how to organize and give a seminar presentation. He will work with each student to help choose a topic, develop a plan for investigating the topic, and prepare the paper and presentation. Studentsí presentations will begin about the sixth week of class, with each student signing-up in advance for a particular day. Each student will complete their paper prior to their presentation and will circulate it to the other students in the class. During the presentation, the non-presenting students are expected to have read the paper and to provide useful feedback and comments.