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Economics 244:
Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation
Spring 2012


Each problem set has a zip file containing matlab codes, data, and a README file that explains the contents. Download the zip file and extract its contents into a folder on your computer, and then use that folder as your working folder in matlab.

  • Problem set 1 on logit. Start Jan 30. Discuss in class Feb 6.
  • Problem set 2 on numerical max. Start Feb 6. Discuss in class Feb 13.
  • Problem set 3 on nested logit. Start Feb 13. Discuss in class Feb 27.
  • Problem set 4 on mixed logit. Start Feb. 27. Discuss in class March 5.
  • Problem set 5 on probit. Start March 12. Discuss in class March 19.
  • Problem set 6 on hierarchical Bayes. Start April 9. Discuss in class April 16.