Problem Sets
Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation

We provide a zip archive that you can download to your local hard drive. You will need PKUNZIP or WinZip or similar extraction application to expand the archive. There are twelve folders, each containing several files. The programs were written to run in Gauss on a Windows PC or a unix workstation with Solaris.

The files were prepared on a PC. For use with Unix Gauss, you should run them through dos2unix first to eliminate the carriage returns.

Before running the programs, you will need to specify the path for the output and input files in the appropriate gauss output and load statements (unless you put the files in the location that you have specified as the default path in gauss). For example, suppose you put the twelve folders into c:\myfiles. Then, when doing problem set 2 in folder ps02.max, you will need to change the command

output file=out1.txt reset;
output file=c:\myfiles\ps02.max\out1.txt reset;


load dat[900,19]=data1.asc;
load dat[900,19]=c:\myfiles\ps02.max\data1.asc;