Videotapes of Lectures
Economics 244: Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation
University of California, Berkeley
Spring Semeter 2001.

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IMPORTANT: The quality of the streamed videos is not very good, for which I apologize. The biggest difficulty is that some of the material that I write on the board becomes hard or impossible to see. I suggest that you read the relevant parts of the textbook before watching the videos. The lectures follow the text, and so, by reading the text beforehand, you will be able to infer what is on the board even if you cannot see it. (UC-Berkeley's media services department is developing ways to tape and stream lectures at higher quality. Hopefully, if we try this again, the product will be better!)

REAL IMPORTANT: The videos are RealPlayer files, not MS Media files, and your computer needs to have the capability of playing RealPlayer files in order for you to view them. You can download and install the free RealPlayer from It might be possible to configure Microsoft's MediaPlayer to handle RealPlayer files, or add a code that does the translation, but I don't know if or how.

Title Archive Replays
Introduction (Ch. 1)
Time 0-41:33
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Ways to Draw from a Density (Sec. 9.1-9.2)
Time 0-58:37
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Properties of Discrete Choice Models; Logit (Chs. 2-3)
Time 0-33:40, Properties of discrete choice models
Time 33:40-55:00, Logit
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Advantages and Limitations of Logit (Ch. 3)
Time 0-24:52, Logit
Time 24:52-36:35, Setup for problem set 1 on logit
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Numerical Maximization (Ch. 8)
Time 0-18.28, Discussion of results for problem set 1
Time 18:28-35:30, Numerical maximization
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Continuation of Numerical Maximization (Ch. 8)
Time 0-38:51, Numerical maximization
Time 38:51-1:06:48, Setup for problem set 2 on num. max.
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Nested Logit (Ch. 4)
Time 0-10:40 Corrections to lecture on num. max.
Time 10:40-1:00:50, Discussion of results for problem set 2
Time 1:00:50-1:46:58, Nested logit
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Probit (Ch. 5)
Time 0-11:35, Discussion of results for problem set 3 on nested logit
Time 11:35-1:44:10, Probit
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Probit, Part 2 (Ch. 5)
Time 0-1:17:45, Probit
Time 1:17:45-1:37:25, Setup for problem set 4 on probit
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Mixed Logit (Ch. 6)
Time 0-36:45, Review of probit problem set
Time 36:45-end, Mixed logit
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Estimation with Simulation (Ch. 10)
Time 0-1:34:38
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Halton Sequences, Preceded By a Continuation of Estimation With Simulation(Sec. 9.3)
Time 0-55:51, Estimation with simulation
Time 55:51-1:42:49, Antithetics and Halton draws
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Individual Specific Parameters (Ch. 11)
Time 0-1:20:22
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Hierarchical Bayes (Ch. 12)
Time 0-1:38:55
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Hierarchical Bayes, Part 2; Other Models (Chs. 12, 7)
Time 0-8:47, Discussion of results for problem set 6 on HB
Time 8:47-38:08, Comparison of HB and MSL
Time 38:08-1:34:56 Other models: variations on our themes
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