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Societas Publicanorum

Thanks for your interest! Since this book has been published, I am sorry that I cannot make it available online anymore. If you are interested in ordering it, you can find ordering instructions below.

Note that this book is written in German. It will be published in English at Yale University Press in the future. A translation is currently in preparation. You can read a small (and condensed) part of it in English in my article Roman Shares.

To order Societas Publicanorum by Ulrike Malmendier, go to www.boehlau.de

Click on "Verlagskatalog" (first link on the left),
then on "Rechtsgeschichte" (sixth link in the middle),
then "Forschungen zum Roemischen Recht" (fifth link in the middle).

Go to book number  049 at the bottom of the page.

Click on the title ("Societas publicanorum ...") and then on "Bestellen" on the next page.

You will then have to fill in your address and mailing information:

Anrede = Title
Nachname = Last name
Vorname = First name
Institution = Institution/University (if applicable)
Strasse = Street address
PLZ = ZIP code
Ort = City
Land = Country
Fax = Fax number
Fon = Phone number
E-Mail = Email

Then click on "Besttlung absenden" below.

The standard procedure is that they will send you a copy of the book and an invoice. You can then pay by check or bank transfer.

If you encounter any difficulties, please email me at ulrike@econ.berkeley.edu.


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