Instructor: ALAN J. AUERBACH

Office: 525 Evans Hall
Office Hours: Mondays, 10:00-11:30am
and by appointment

608-7 Evans Hall
Monday 2-4PM
January 24 Organizational Meeting
January 31 John Quigley, UC Berkeley,
  "Higher Education, Localization, and Innovation: Evidence
from a Natural Experiment" (coauthors Roland Andersson and Mats Wilhelmsson)
February 7* Barry Weingast , Stanford University, and John Wallis, University of Maryland,
  "The Financing of 19th Century Internal Improvements"
(2-4 pm, 639 Evans, joint with Economic History Seminar )
February 14 Jeff Liebman , Harvard University,
  "Schmeduling" (coauthor Richard Zeckhauser)
February 23* Samuel Bowles, Santa Fe Institute and Univerisity of Siena
  "The First Property Rights Revolution"
(joint with Departmental Seminar, 4-5:30pm, rm.608-7)
February 28 Chris House , University of Michigan,
  "Temporary Investment Tax Incentives: Theory with Evidence from Bonus Depreciation" (coauthor Matthew Shapiro)

March 9* Arindrajit Dube and Michael Reich , UC Berkeley
  "The Economics of City-Wide Wage Standards"
(joint with Departmental Seminar, 4-5:30 pm,608-7 Evans )
March 14 Roger Gordon , UC San Diego University,
  "Tax Structures in Developing Countries: Many Puzzles and a Possible Explanation" (coauthor Wei Li)
March 21 Spring Break
March 30* Susan Athey, Stanford University
  "Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions:Theory and Evidence from Timber Auctions"
(joint with Departmental Seminar, 4-5:30 pm, 608-7 Evans)
April 4 Julie Cullen , UC San Diego,
  "Jockeying for Position: High School Student Mobility and Texas' Top-Ten Percent Rule"
(coauthors Randy Reback and Mark Long)
April 13* Kenneth Chay , UC Berkeley
  "The Long-Run and Intergenerational Impact of Poor Infant Health: Evidence from Cohorts Born During the Civil Rights Era"
(joint with Departmental Seminar,4-5:30 pm, 608-7 Evans )
April 18 Steve Coate , Cornell University,
  "Socially Optimal Districting" (coauthor Brian Knight)
April 29* Ariel Rubinstein , Tel-Aviv University
  "Equilibrium in the Jungle"
(joint with Departmental Seminar, 4-5:30 pm, room TBA)
May 2 Bill Gale , Brookings Institution,
  "Effects of Individual Development Accounts on Household Saving: Evidence from a Controlled Experiment"
(coauthors Gregory Mills and Rhiannon Patterson)
*note different day/date/room

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