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Econ 210B, Topics in European Economic History

Spring 2009

Lecture: M 12-2P , 39 EVANS
Instructor: Professor B. J. Eichengreen
Office: 603 Evans
E-mail: eichengr@econ.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m.
Please call or email Cheryl Applewood in advance for an appointment: 643-9044 / capple@econ.berkeley.edu

Syllabus and Reading List

Class Information

Class meets Mondays 12-2 pm in 39 Evans Hall.

This is a reading-course type seminar. It is suitable for graduate students who have previously taken Economics 210A. Requirements are three. Students are expected to contribute to the reading list (in consultation with the instructor). Students are expected to participate actively in classroom discussion. Each week one member of the class, together with the instructor, will take primary responsibility for introducing and critiquing the material. Finally, students will submit a research prospectus. This prospectus should sketch a research idea that can be developed more fully in subsequent semesters.


Discussion Leaders and Schedule

February 9
Frank Schilbach, Gabe Chodorow-Reich, and Josh Hausman

February 26
Johannes Wieland

March 9
Milana Ruffin

March 30
Theocharis Griporiadis

April 13
Frank Schilbach, Gabe Chodorow-Reich, and Josh Hausman

April 27
Asger Wingender

May 4
Johannes Wieland and Milana Ruffin


Reserve Readings

Readings not available online are on reserve at Haas Business and Economics Library, Student Services Wing Levels 2 and 3, Haas School of Business.


Lecture Notes