Economic History Seminar
Fall 2005
Instructor: Barry Eichengreen
Seminar Room: 597 Evans Hall
Schedule: Monday 2:10 - 4:00
29 August No Meeting
5 September Labor Day Holiday , No Meeting
12 September Robert Gordon, Northwestern University
3:30PM, 223 Moses Hall Why Was Europe Left at the Station When America's Productivity Locomotive Departed? (Joint with conference on US and European Economies in Comparative Perspective)
21 September Joint with Department Seminar
26 September Petra Moser, MIT
Ethnic Discrimination at the NYSE?
3 October Joint with Department Seminar
10 October Juan Flores, Universidad Carlos III Madrid
2pm, 2334 Bowditch St The Baring Crisis: A Microeconomic Perspective (Joint with Center for Latin American Studies)
17 October Eugene White, Rutgers University
How Occupied France Financed its Own Exploitation in World War II
24 October Peter Lindert, University of California, Davis
Euro Jobs and Euro Productivity Since the 1960s: Which Institutions Really Matter? (Handout and Slides)
26 October Tommy Bengtsson, Lund University
12pm, 2232 Piedmont Ave Deliberate Control in a Natural Fertility Population: Southern Sweden 1766-1865 (Joint with Graduate Program in Demography)
31 October Gary Richardson, University of California, Irvine
Did Monetary Intervention Mitigate Banking Panics During the Great Depression: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Federal Reserve District Border in Mississippi, 1929-33
7 November Class Cancelled
14 November Rui Esteves, University of California, Berkeley
Quis custodient quem? Sovereign Debt and Bondholders' Protection Before 1914
21 November Class Cancelled
28 November John Tang, University of California, Berkeley
5 December TBA

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