Econometrics Seminar
Spring Semester 2005
Professor: Daniel McFadden
Seminar Location: 639 Evans Hall
Schedule: Thursday, 4:00-6:00 PM
Feb 3 Guido Imbens UC Berkeley
Moving the Goalposts: Addressing Limited Overlap in Estimation of Average Treatment Effects by Changing the Estimand*
Feb 9 John Morgan, UC Berkeley
"Clock Games: Theory and Experiments"
Joint with Departmental Seminar

* Note Change in Day/Time/Location Wednesday, 4-5:30 P.M. in 608-7 Evans Hall
Feb 17 Ed Vytlacil, Stanford University
"Threshold Crossing Models and Bounds on Treatment Effects: A Nonparametric Analysis," with Azeem Shaikh
Feb 24 Shachar Kariv, UC Berkeley
"Individual Preferences for Giving" (with Ray Fisman, Columbia B-School, and Daniel Markovits, Yale Law School) (Text)
(Tables and Figures)
Mar 3 Peter Hansen, Stanford University
Regular and Modified Kernel-Based Estimators of Integrated Variance: The Case with Independent Noise
Mar 9 Joint with Departmental Seminar
Mar 17 Kenneth Chay, UC Berkeley
"Implementing the Regression Discontinuity Design When the Break Point is Unknown: Evidence from a Schooling Intervention in Chile," (with Patrick McEwan and Miguel Urquiola)
Mar 30 Joint with Departmental Seminar
Apr 7 Trudy Cameron, University of Oregon
"Age and the Value of a Statistical Illness Profile"
Apr 13 Joint with Departmental Seminar
Apr 21 Colin Cameron, UC Davis
"Robust Inference for Regression Models with Multi-Way Clustering" coauthored with Jonah Gelbach (Maryland) and Doug Miller (UC Davis)
Apr 27 Joint with Departmental Seminar
May 5 Li Gan, University of Texas
"Subjective Mortality Risk and Bequests"

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