Economic History Seminar
Fall 2003
Instructor: Martha L. Olney
Seminar Room: 122 Latimer Hall
Schedule: Monday 2:10 - 4:00
This graduate seminar is open to the public.
However, only graduate students in Economics (or, with instructor's permission, in other departments) should sign up for the seminar for credits.

The design of the seminar: each week, a scholar presents work in progress.

25 August Organizational Meeting
1 September Labor Day Holiday , No meeting
8 September Marc Flandreau , Economics, Sciences-Po, Paris
  "The Making of Global Finance 1880-1913"
15 September EHA in Nashville , No meeting
22 September Emmanuel Saez , Economics, UC Berkeley
  Wojciech Kopczuk , Columbia University
  "Top Wealth Shares in the United States, 1916-2000: Evidence from Estate Tax Returns"
29 September Trevon Logan , Economics, UC Berkeley
  "The Transformation of Hunger: Nutritional Well-Being and the Evolving Demand for Calories"
6 October David Jacks , Economics, UC Davis
  "What Drove 19th Century Market Integration?"
13 October Muge Adalet , Economics, UC Berkeley
  "Fundamentals, Capital Flows and Capital Flight: The German Banking Crisis of 1931"
20 October Caroline Fohlin , Economics, Johns Hopkins University
  "Families, Groups, and Pyramids: Long-Run Patterns of Corporate Ownership and Control in Germany"
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27 October Carol Shiue , Economics, University of Texas
  "Markets in China and Europe on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution"
3 November Rick Steckel , Economics, Ohio State University
  "Measuring Social Performance over the Millennia: The Long-Term Decline in Health in Pre-Columbian America"
10 November Bishnupriya Gupta , Economics, University of Warwick
  "The Early Modern Great Divergence: Wages, Prices and Economic Development in Europe and Asia, 1500-1800"
17 November Kris Mitchener , Economics, Santa Clara University
  "Empire, Public Goods and the Roosevelt Corollary"
24 November Canceled , No meeting
1 December Edward Miguel , Economics, UC Berkeley
  Halvor Mehlum , Economics, Columbia University
  Ragnar Torvik , Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  "Rainfall, Poverty, and Crime in 19th Century Germany"

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