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Commencement Registration

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If you make an error and submit the form, or if you need to change some of your details later, please *do not* make a new submission. You will be permitted to make changes when you pick up your commencement tickets in late April/early May.

[This form expects a Western Character Encoding. If part of the form does not display correctly, please check your browser settings before contacting the department.]

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(Please type your name as you would like it to appear in the program. Cut and paste from the above list for accented characters.)

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Degree: Bachelors Masters Doctorate

YES, I will be participating in the commencement ceremony.
NO, I will not be participating but would like my name in the program.

Indicate how many tickets (number): Click Here for Ticket Pickup Information
Each student will receive two tickets for free. Additional tickets are $10 each. Children 2 and under and graduates do not need tickets.

For Undergraduate Honors Candidates or Graduate Students only:
Dissertation/Thesis title:

Dissertation/Thesis advisor:

Additional Information (personal or guest disabilities, etc.):

CHECK YOUR INFORMATION! Your contact information MUST be accurate.

Ticket requests must be made prior to (none). Tickets may be collected in person between (none). Remaining tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis, beginning May 4. Tickets will be sold the day of commencement at the Greek Theater.

If you have missed this deadline and still require tickets, please contact Jenny Cornet (Department Undergraduate Advisor)

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