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Frequently Asked Questions

Prerequisite Courses

Can the statistics requirement be fulfilled at a community college?

Typically, no. The statistics course must be calculus-based and community college statistics courses usually are not. Articulation agreements are listed at http://www.assist.org

Can Economics 1 or 2 and calculus be taken elsewhere?

YES. Community colleges offer equivalent courses. The equivalent to either Economics 1 or 2 at community colleges is almost always two courses, microeconomics and macroeconomics. One course in math or statistics must be taken at Berkeley before applying to the department. Since a calculus-based statistics course is seldom offered at community colleges, most students take the statistics course at Berkeley.

Will students receive credit for courses taken through UC Extension?

YES. Grades for any prerequisite taken at UC Extension will both be computed into the overall GPA by UC and used to compute the student's economics prerequisite GPA.

Applying to the Major

Is it possible to take Math 1A and 16B (or the equivalent) to complete the calculus requirement for the major?

Yes. However, if you take both Math 1A and 16B at UC Berkeley, you will only receive 2 units for Math 16B from UC.

Can I apply to the Economics Major in Summer?

YESThe department accepts applications during the first four weeks of fall, spring, and summer terms. The deadlines will be posted on the departmental website, and application forms and instructions can be found at http://emlab.berkeley.edu/econ/ugrad/prospective.shtml.

Completing the Major Requirements

Can I take courses from outside the economics department towards my major requirements?

YES. Students should review the list of approved courses at http://emlab.berkeley.edu/econ/ugrad/current_electives.shtml. Additionally, students may take courses abroad or at other four-year institutions after review by the Economics Undergraduate Advisor. Students can take no more than two of their eight upper division courses for the major from departments outside the Economics Department at UC Berkeley.

Can undergraduates take graduate courses?

YES. To do so you must first contact the professor teaching the course to make sure that you have adequate background in the subject material and receive the professor's approval to enroll. No graduate level seminar course can be used to fulfill an upper division economics major requirement. In general, graduate core courses (201AB, 202AB, 204, 210A, and 240AB) are restricted to graduate students.

To graduate do I have to take courses from each of the three economics categories?

NO. You will need to complete either the 100AB or 101AB sequence, 140 or 141, and 5 additional courses from any category. They can all be from the same category, if you choose.

Can upper division major courses be taken elsewhere?

YES. The department will accept a maximum of two in fulfillment of major requirements and they must be taken at another four year school, including EAP courses. Community college courses are not upper division level courses.

Enrollment & Grading

What do you do if TeleBears tells you that your department category is full?

If you are a declared Economics major, this means the class is full. If you are not, the seats are restricted and any available for your category are full. In either case enrollment procedures for the department will be found on the economics website at http://emlab.berkeley.edu/econ/ugrad/enrollmentproc.shtml

What do you do if you want to contest an economics grade?

First, check your final exam, available in the departmental office at 508-1 Evans Hall for one year after the final examination. If you want to contest your grade after looking at your exam, contact your GSI for the class. If the two of you cannot resolve the problem, contact the instructor. If a mistake has been made, the instructor will submit a grade change with the Registrar's Office. Grade changes cannot be made based on reassessment of coursework but only because of a clerical error.

Can I walk in the Commencement ceremony in May if I'm not graduating until Summer or Fall?

YES. Information will be sent to students in late February with instructions on how to register for the commencement and how to get tickets.

When/How do I put myself on the Degree List?

Students should put themselves on the degree list for the semester in which they plan to complete all of their coursework. If a student plans on walking in May, but will be taking summer classes, they should be on the Summer Degree List. Students can put their name on the Degree List through TeleBEARS when they register for classes. If you do not do this via TeleBEARS, submit a petition to 113 Campbell. You can download a form from http://ls-advise.berkeley.edu (If you do this after the eighth week of the semester, you must obtain a major approval memo from the Undergraduate Advisor to submit with your petition.)