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      Last modified: 6/15/99

      Sponsored by the
      National Science Foundation

    1999 Symposium on Quasi-Experimental Methods

    This year the Econometrics Laboratory at U.C. Berkeley is conducting its seventh annual summer symposium, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The subject of this year's symposium focuses on advances in the use and interpretation of quasi-experimental methods, particularly with respect to large-scale micro data sets. Among the topics we hope to cover are interpretation of instrumental variables methods, statistical inference problems that arise in large data sets with many instruments, evaluation of "natural" or quasi-experiments, and linear and nonlinear program evaluation methods.

    The symposium will run from August 3 through August 7, 1999, and will utilize facilities provided by the Department of Economics and the Econometrics Laboratory on the University of California, Berkeley campus. The symposium is being organized by Professors David Card and Daniel McFadden, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley. Assistance is being provided by Grace Katagiri, Manager of the Econometrics Laboratory.

    ELSA's econometricians, statisticians, and associates: Peter Bickel, Leo Breiman, David Card, Kenneth Chay, Steven Goldman, Bronwyn Hall, Hilary Hoynes, George Judge, Theodore Keeler, Daniel McFadden, Aviv Nevo, Jeffrey Perloff, James Powell, Thomas Rothenberg, Paul Ruud, and Kenneth Train.