Alan Auerbach

Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics and Law
Director, Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance


Recent Working Papers

    "Did the 2017 Tax Reform Discriminate against Blue State Voters?", with David Altig, Patrick Higgins, Darryl Koehler, Laurence Kotlikoff, Ellyn Terry, and Victor Ye, April 2019 [PDF]

    "Residual Profit Allocation by Income", with Michael P. Devereux, Paul Oosterhuis, Wolfgang Schön and John Vella, March 2019 [PDF]

    "If Not Now, When? New Estimates of the Federal Budget Outlook", with William G. Gale and Aaron Krupkin, February 2019 [PDF]

    "Local Fiscal Multipliers and Fiscal Spillovers in the United States", with Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Daniel Murphy, January 2019 [PDF]

    "Tax Equivalences and their Implications", October 2018 [PDF]

    "The Federal Budget Outlook: We Are Not Winning" with William G. Gale and Aaron Krupkin, July 2018 [PDF]

    "The New Tax Bill – Winners and Losers" with Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Darryl Koehler, June 2018 [PDF]

    "Propagation and Smoothing of Shocks in Alternative Social Security Systems" with Lorenz Kueng, Ronald Lee and Yury Yatsynovich, Updated April 2018 [PDF]

    "The Federal Budget Outlook: Even Crazier After All These Years" with William G. Gale and Aaron Krupkin, April 2018 [PDF]

    "Cash-Flow Taxes in an International Setting", with Michael P. Devereux, November 2017 [PDF]

    "Fiscal Policy", November 2017 [PDF]

    "Macroeconomic Modeling of Tax Policy: A Comparison of Current Methodologies" with Itai Grinberg, Thomas Barthold, Nicholas Bull, W. Gavin Elkins, Pamela Moomau, Rachel Moore, Benjamin Page, Brandon Pecoraro, and Kyle Pomerleau, November 2017 [PDF]

    "International Tax Planning Under the Destination-Based Cash Flow Tax" with Michael P. Devereux, Michael Keen and John Vella, October 2017 [PDF]

    "Demystifying the Destination-Based Cash-Flow Tax", September 2017 [PDF]

    "Fiscal Stimulus and Fiscal Sustainability" with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, August 2017 [PDF]

    "The Fiscal Outlook in a Period of Policy Uncertainty", with William Gale, August 2017 [PDF]

    "Assessing the House Republicans’ “A Better Way” Tax Reform", with Laurence Kotlikoff and Darryl Koehler, June 2017 [PDF]

    AEI Economic Perspectives - "Border Adjustment and the Dollar", February 2017 [PDF]

    "Notes on the US Wealth Effect of Border Adjustment", February 2017 [PDF]

    "Destination-Based Cash Flow Taxation" with Michael P. Devereux, Michael Keen and John Vella, February 2017 [PDF]

    "The Fiscal Outlook at the Beginning of the Trump Administration" with William Gale, January 2017 [PDF]

    "The Role of Border Adjustments in International Taxation" with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, December 2016 [PDF]

    "Is Uncle Sam Inducing the Elderly to Retire?" with Laurence Kotlikoff, Darryl Koehler, and Manny Yu, October 2016 [PDF]

    "U.S. Inequality, Fiscal Progressivity, and Work Disincentives An Intragenerational Accounting"
    with Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Darryl Koehler, April 2016 [PDF]

    "Once More Unto the Breach: The Deteriorating Fiscal Outlook" with William Gale, March 2016 [PDF]

    "The Fiscal Problem: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow", with William Gale, September 2015 [PDF]

    "Capital Taxation in the 21st Century", with Kevin Hassett, January 2015 [PDF]

    "Fiscal Uncertainty and How to Deal with It", November 2014 [PDF]

    "Effects of Fiscal Shocks in a Globalized World", with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, October 2014 [PDF]

    "Forgotten but Not Gone: The Long-Term Fiscal Imbalance" with William G. Gale, September 2014 [PDF]

    "Taxation and Saving - A Retrospective", December 2013 [PDF]

    "Fiscal Myopia", with William G. Gale, September 2013 [PDF]

    "Capital Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation, Wealth Transfer Taxes and Consumption Tax Reforms", August 2013 [PDF]

    "Output Spillovers from Fiscal Policy", with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, January 2013 [PDF]

    "Budget Rules and Fiscal Policy", November 2012 [PDF]

    "The Fall and Rise of Keynesian Fiscal Policy", May 2012 [PDF]

    "The Mirrlees Review: A U.S. Perspective", May 2012 [PDF]

    "The Federal Budget Outlook: No News Is Bad News", with William G. Gale, August 2012. [PDF]

    "(Still) Tempting Fate", with William G. Gale, August 2011. [PDF]

    "Fiscal Multipliers in Recession and Expansion", with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, January 2012. [PDF]

    "Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability in Major Economies", July 2011. [PDF]

    "Tempting Fate: The Federal Budget Outlook", with William G. Gale, June 2011. [PDF]

    "Fiscal Institutions for a Currency Union", May 2011. [PDF]



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