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Bronwyn Hall chapter in Les Grands Auteurs en Management de l'innovation et de la créativité (T. Burger-Helmchen, C. Hussler, and P. Cohendet (eds.), 2016, pp. 122-132.


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New: Outline of textbook Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property by Bronwyn H. Hall and Christian Helmers, expected publication date August 2024.

Die Zeit article on why we need a new measure of economic growth. English version.

Free download of TSP 5.1

Innovation Information Initiative (I3) – Go here for the latest on patent data

Vox EU articles by BHH


Books and journal special issues edited


Amoroso, Diodato, Hall, and Moncada-Paterno-Castello (2022), Technological relatedness and industrial transformation, special issue of Journal of Technology Transfer

Coad, Grassano, Hall, Moncada-Paterno-Castello, and Vezzani (2019), Innovation and Industrial Dynamics, special issue of Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

Hall (2016), Economics of Research & Development

Hall, Moncada-Paterno-Castello, Montresor, and Vezzani (2016), Financing constraints, R&D investments and innovative performances: new empirical evidence at the firm level for Europe, special issue of Economics of Innovation and New Technology

Ahn, Hall, and Lee (2014), Intellectual Property for Economic Development

NAS/NRC (2014), Furthering America’s Research Enterprise

De Grip, Hall, and Smits (2010), Empirical studies of employment and performance of scientists and engineers, special issue of Economics of Innovation and New Technology

Hall and Rosenberg (2010), Handbook of the Economics of Innovation, Volume 1; Volume 2

David and Hall (2006), Property and the Pursuit of Knowledge: IPR issues affecting scientific research, special issue of Research Policy

Hall and Mairesse (2006), Empirical studies of innovation in the knowledge driven economy: An introduction, special issue of Economics of Innovation and New Technology

Antonelli, Foray, Hall, and Steinmueller (2006), New Frontiers in the Economics of Innovation and New Technology: Essays in Honour of Paul A. David

Hall and Merrill (2005), Research and Development Data Needs: Proceedings of a Workshop

Hall (2002), Technology Policy: The Assessment, Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Encaoua, Hall, Laisney, and Mairesse (2000), The Economics and Econometrics of Innovation

Hall and Kramarz (1998), The Effects of Technology and Innovation on Firm Performance, Employment, and Wages, special issue of Economics of Innovation and New Technology

Practical Econometric Series (with Jurgen Doornik)




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           Chilean IP data matched to manufacturing survey data

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Brian Silverman's IPC-industry concordances at U of Toronto

Dan Johnson’s PC-Industry historical concordances 

Table of various manufacturing industry classifications

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Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich

Center for Research on the Economics of Innovation, College de France

National Bureau of Economic Research

Institute for Fiscal Studies, London

National Institute for Economic and Social Research, London


EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property)




Economics of Innovation and New Technology

Industrial and Corporate Change

Research Policy

Journal of Industrial and Business Economics


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