Barry Eichengreen

George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science


Eichengreen-Mehl-Chitu" data on Geopolitics and International Currency Choice. Data used in "Mars and Mercury: The Geopolitics of International Currency Choice". Economic Policy (2019).

Dincer/Eichengreen/Geraats Central Bank Transparency Data for 1998-2019. New updated indices based on revised methodology. For details, see Dincer, Eichengreen and Geraats, "Trends in Monetary Policy Transparency: Further Updates," International Journal of Central Banking, March 2022.

Eichengreen-Mehl-Chuti data on the currency composition of international reserves in the long run. Annual data for eight currencies as in Eichengreen, Mehl and Chitu, "How Global Currencies Work." September 2020.

Bond Market Development in Asia and its Determinants. Eichengreen/Shah annual data set on bond market capitalization and turnover, together with macroeconomic and institutional determinants. April 2020.

Transparency of Monetary Policy in the Post Crisis World. Dincer/Eichengreen/Geraats revised Central Bank Transparency Data Set for 1998-2015.  For details, see Dincer, Eichengreen and Geraats, "Transparency of Monetary Policy in the Post Crisis World," in David Mayes, Pierre Siklos and Jan-Egbert Sturm eds, Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Central Banking.  April 2019.

Eichengreen-O'Rourke Great Depression Data Set

Dincer/Eichengreen Central Bank Transparency Data for 1998-2014 (new figures and tables,posted September 2015). For details, see Dincer and Eichengreen, Central Bank Transparency and Independence: Updates and New Measures,”International Journal of Central Banking, Vol. 10, No. 1: 189-259, March 2014.

Data on Currency Composition of International Bonds, used in "When did the dollar overtake sterling as the leading international currency? Evidence from the bond markets", with Livia Chitu and Arnaud Mehl, Journal of Development Economics, 2 October 2013.

Almunia-Benetrix-Eichengreen-O'Rourke-Rua database used in "From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: Similarities, Differences and Lessons," Economic Policy 25:62, pp219-65 (2010).

Additional Results from Nergiz Dincer and Barry Eichengreen (data set 1), (data set 2), Central Bank Transparency: Where, Why and to What Effect?, January 2007.

Eichengreen/Razo-Garcia de facto exchange rate regime data for 2002-2004. For details, see Barry Eichengreen and Raul Razo-Garcia, "The International Monetary System in the Last and Next Twenty Years," Economic Policy, vol.21, issue 47 (11 July 2006).

Eichengreen/Tong data set. Used in "The Impact of China on the Exports of Other Asian Countries" (NBER Working Paper No. 10768).