ECON 281
Seminar in International
Trade & Finance

Spring 2007

(Supported by the Clausen Center for International Business & Policy & the Department of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley)

Instructor: Maurice Obstfeld
Instructor: Ann Harrison
Schedule: Tuesdays 3-5 pm
639 Evans Hall
Announcement: *Seminar date, time, and location may vary when held in conjunction with another seminar
*January 23 *Joint with Job Market Seminar, 3-4:30, 608-7 Evans
Ananth Ramanarayanan
, University of Minnesota
"International Trade Dynamics with Intermediate Inputs"
January 30 Ann Harrison, UC Berkeley
"Globalization and Poverty"
February 6 Yannick Kalantzis, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausees, Paris
"Financial fragility in emerging markets: firm balance sheets and the sectoral structure"
February 13 Mick Devereux, University of British Columbia
"Solving for Country Portfolios in Open Economy Macro Models"
(with Alan Sutherland)
February 20 Charles Wyplosz, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva
"Should Central Banks Reveal Expected Future Interest Rates?"
(with Pierre Gosselin and Aileen Lotz)
February 27 No Meeting
March 6 No Meeting
Ricardo Caballero, M.I.T.
  "Collective Risk Management in a Flight to Quality Episode"
(with Arvind Krishnamurthy)
March 20 Fernando Broner
CREI and Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona
  "Sovereign Risk and Secondary Markets"
(with Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura)
March 27 Spring Break
*April 4 *Joint with Departmental Seminar
Wednesday, 4-5:30, 608-7 Evans

Antonio Rangel
, California Institute of Technology
  "The Role of Visual Attention in Simple Economic Choice"
April 10 Guido Lorenzoni , M.I.T.
  "Persistent Appreciations and Overshooting: A Normative Analysis"
(with R. Caballero)
April 17 Rob Johnson, UC Berkeley
"Endogenous Non-Tradability and International Prices"
April 24 Thomas Lemieux , University of British Columbia
"Why are the Relative Wages of Immigrants Declining? A Distributional Approach"
(with Brahim Boudarbat)
*April 30 *Joint with Economic History, Monday, 2-4pm, 639
Alan Taylor
, U.C. Davis
"Trade Knowledge, and the Industrial Revolution"
(with Kevin O'Rourke and Ahmad Rahman)
May 1 Bruce Blonigen , University of Oregon
  "Foreign Subsidization and Excess Capacity Effects"
(with Wesley W. Wilson)
May 8 Fritz Foley, Harvard business School
"Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Economic Activity"
(with Mihir A. Desai and James R. Hines Jr.)
May 15 Jenny Minier, University of Kentucky
"On The Robustness of Coefficient Estimates to the Inclusion of Proxy Variables"
(with Christopher R. Bollinger)