Links to Working and Published Papers
by Martha Olney

"Forging On-Campus Connections to Enhance Undergraduate Student Reasoning, Writing, and Research Skills" (link is to final draft, joint with Belinda Archibong, Barnard College, Harrison Dekker, University of Rhode Island, Nathan Grawe, Carleton College, Carol Rutz, Carleton College, and David Weiman, Barnard College).  Journal of Economic Education 48 (2017): 317-26.
"The Rise of Services, Deindustrialization, and the Length of Economic Recovery"  (link is to final draft, joint with Aaron Pacitti, Siena College). Economic Inquiry 55 (October 2017): 1625-47.

"Explaining 'In the Aggregate' Concepts with Clickers" Journal of Economics Teaching 1:2 (2016), accessible at

"The Undergraduate Origins of Ph.D. Economists: The Berkeley Experience" Journal of Economic Education 46 (April 2015): 174-188. Accessible at

“From Skip to Hapless Victim:  Interwar Changes in the Cost of Default”
  mimeo (February 2012)

(In between, a decade of textbook writing. . . )

Avoiding Default:  The Role of Credit in the Consumption Collapse of 1930.”  Quarterly Journal of Economics 114 (February 1999): 319-35.

When Your Word Is Not Enough:  Race, Collateral, and Household Credit.” Journal of Economic History 58 (June 1998): 408-31.

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