Planning and Development Seminar
Fall 2005
Professor Pranab Bardhan
Seminar Location: 608-7 Evans Hall
Schedule: Monday, 4:00-6:00 PM
August 29 Raj Arunachalam, UCB
"Dowry: Bequest or Price?"
September 12 Michele Tertilt, Stanford
Polygyny, Fertility and Savings
Polygyny, Women's Rights, and Development
September 21
Wednesday in 608-7 Evans
4-5:30 p.m.
Same as Departmental Seminar
Roland Fryer, Harvard University
An Empirical Analysis of 'Acting White'"
September 26
Ruth Uwaifo, UCB
Africa's Education Enigma: The Nigerian Story
Week of
October 3
Same as Departmental Seminar
October 10 Same as Departmental Seminar

October 17
Tina Green, UCB
Do Social Transfer Programs Affect Voter Behavior? Evidence from PROGRESA in Mexico, 1997-2000
Week of
October 24
Same as Departmental Seminar
October 31 Robin Burgess, London School of Economics  
"The unequal effects of li Liberalization: evidence from dismantling the license raj in India
November 7
Manisha Shah, UCB
Enforcing Licensing Requirements: Implications for Disease Transmission in Sex Market
November 14 Same as Departmental Seminar
November 21 Frederico Finan, UCB
Exposing Corrupt Politicians: The Effect of Brazil's Randomized Corruption Program on Electoral Outcomes
Week of
November 28
Romain Wacziarg, Stanford University
The Diffusion of Development
December 5 Matthias Doepke, UCLA
Patience Capital, Occupational Choice, and the Spirit of Capitalism


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