Planning and Development Seminar
Spring 2005
Instructor: Professor Edward Miguel
Seminar Room: 608-7 Evans
Schedule: Monday, 4-5:30 pm
January 24
No Meeting
January 31 Ted Miguel and Gérard Roland , UC Berkeley
  The Long Run Impact of Bombing in Vietnam
February 3 Alwyn Young , University of Chicago
  "The Gift of the Dying: The Trajedy of AIDS and the Welfare of Future African Generations
(Joint with Macroeconomics Seminar)
February 7
in 597 Evans
Ernesto Dal Bo , UC Berkeley
(Joint with PPT/Comparative Economics Seminars)
February 14 Paul Gertler, UC Berkeley
Investing Cash Transfers to Raise Long Term Living Standards
February 21 Una Okonkwo-Osili , Indiana-Purdue University
  Remittances and Savings from International Migration: Theory and Evidence Using a Matched Sample
February 28 Abhijit Banerjee MIT

  Growth Theory Through the Lens of Development Economics
(Joint with Comparative Economics Seminar)
March 3 Kaivan Munshi, Brown University
(Joint with Labor Seminar)
March 7 Hoyt Bleakley, UCSD
     Maturity Mismatch and Financial Crises: Evidence > from Emerging Market Corporations
March 14 Dean Karlan , Princeton University
  Observing Unobservables: Identifying Information Asymmetries with a Consumer Credit Field Experiment
March 21 Spring Break
March 28 No Meeting
April 4 Michael Kremer , Harvard University
  Globalization of Household Production
table (Joint with Comparative Economics Seminar)
April 11 Eliana La Ferrara , Bocconi University
  Diamonds Are Forever, Wars Are Not. Is Conflict Bad for Private Firms?*
(Joint with PPT/Comparative Economics Seminars)
April 18
119 Moses
Jim Robinson , Harvard University
(Joint with PPT/Comparative Economics Seminars)
April 25 No Meeting
May 2 No Meeting
May 9 Francisco Perez , Columbia University
  The Impact of Acquiring Control on Productivity