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Curriculum Vitae

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1 August 2013 

Research Papers

  • Telecommunications

"Local Network Competition," [chapter in Handbook of Telecommunications Economics, edited by Martin Cave, Sumit Majumdar and Ingo Vogelsang, Elsevier, 2002]  PDF

"Open Access Rules and the Broadband Race," [published in Michigan State University Law Review, 2002]  PDF

"Local Telephone Service: A Complex Dance of Technology, Regulation and Competition,"with Ingo Vogelsang [appears in Industry Studies, 2nd Edition, Larry Duetsch, ed., M.E. Sharpe, 2002]  PDF

"Facilities Competition and Local Network Investment: Theory, Evidence and Policy Implications"[published in Industrial & Corporate Change]  PDF

"Competition's Effect on Investment in Digital Infrastructure," working paper, June 2000. PDF

"Turning the Cables: Economic & Strategic Analysis of Cable Entry into Telecommunications," February 1996. [published in Globalism and Localism in Telecommunications, Eli Noam (ed.), Elsevier, 1997]  PDF  

  • Antitrust

"Exclusionary Behavior in the Market for Operating System Software: The Case of Microsoft,"with Ken Baseman and Rick Warren-Boulton, December 1995. [published in Opening Networks to Competition: The Regulation and Pricing of Access, David Gabel and David Weiman (eds.), Kluwer Publishing, 1997]  PDF

"The Economics of Intellectual Property Protection for Software: the Proper Role for Copyright,"with Ken Baseman and Rick Warren-Boulton, April 1995. [published in StandardView, June 1995] PDF

"Microsoft Plays Hardball: The Use of Exclusionary Pricing and Technical Incompatibility to Maintain Market Power in Markets for Operating System Software,"with Ken Baseman and Rick Warren-Boulton. [published in Antitrust Bulletin, Summer 1995] SSRN Link

  • Industrial Organization

"The Demographics of the Do-Not-Call Registry," with Hal Varian and Fredrik Wallenberg [forthcoming in IEEE Security & Privacy] PDF

"Monopoly Pricing With Network Externalities," with Luis Cabral and David Salant, this version: January 1997. [published in International Journal of Industrial Organization]  Abstract, PDF 

"Strategic Commitments and the Principle of Reciprocity in Interconnection Pricing,"with Nicholas Economides and Giuseppe Lopomo, October 1996. Abstract, PDF

"Regulatory Pricing Rules to Neutralize Network Dominance," with Nicholas Economides and Giuseppe Lopomo, [published in Industrial & Corporate Change, November 1996].  PDF

  • Policy Essays

"The “Wireless Tax Premium” Harms American Consumers and Squanders the Potential of the Mobile Economy" Georgetown University policy vignette, July 1, 2011.

"Finishing the Job of Telecommunications Reform in New Zealand" comments on Commerce-Treasury's Discussion Paper, November 1995. PDF

"Poking Holes in the Regulatory Landscape: Harnassing the Disruptive Power of VoIP Technology" appeared in The Future of Internet Phone Calling, The New Millenium Research Council, December 2003. PDF 

"Peeling the 'Layered Regulation' Onion" article appeared in the July 2004 report of the New Millenium Research Council entitled "Free Ride: Deficiencies of the MCI 'Layered' Policy Model and the Need for Principles that Encourage Competition in the New IP World." PDF 

"Beyond Brand-X: The Way Forward for Facilities Sharing in Telecommunications" article appeared in Fall 2005 issue of The Party Line, the newsletter of Communications Industry Committee of the ABA Section on Antitrust Law. PDF 

  • Very Old Working Papers

"Technology, Regulation, and the Emergence of Competitive Access Providers" GTE Laboratories Working Paper, October 1991. PDF

"On the Stability of Efficient Networks: Integration and Fragmentation in Communications and Transportations Networks" GTE Laboratories Working Paper, July 1990. PDF

"Lumpy Investment, Capital Recovery and 'Rate Shock': Comparing Rate of Return REgulation to Price Caps" GTE Laboratories Working Paper, November 1989. PDF

"On Pricing with Lumpy Investment: Two Problems of Boiteux" GTE Laboratories Working Paper, November 1987. PDF

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