Qualitative Choice Analysis: Theory, Econometrics, and an Application to Automobile Demand

Kenneth Train
Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1986, 1993

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  • Title Page and Copyright Information
  • Table of Contents
  • Series Forward
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Preface


  1. Qualitative Choice Models in General, [ ch1.pdf, 0.61MB] or [ ch1.ps.Z, 1.32MB]
  2. Logit, [ ch2.pdf, 1.8MB] or [ ch2.ps.Z, 3.97MB]
  3. Probit, [ ch3.pdf, 0.44MB] or [ ch3.ps.Z, 0.972MB]
  4. GEV, [ ch4.pdf, 0.53MB] or [ ch4.ps.Z, 1.16MB]
  5. Continuous/Discrete Models, [ ch5.pdf, 0.94MB] or [ ch5.ps.Z, 2.05MB]
  6. Qualitative Choice Models in General, [ ch6.pdf, 0.46MB] or [ ch6.ps.Z, 0.99MB]
  7. Previous Research on Automobile Demand, [ ch7.pdf, 1.21MB] or [ ch7.ps.Z, 2.57MB]
  8. Auto Ownership and Use: An Integrated System of Disaggregate Demand Models, [ ch8.pdf, 1.72MB] or [ ch8.ps.Z, 3.71MB]
  9. Demand Simulations for California, [ ch9.pdf, 0.96MB] or [ ch9.ps.Z, 2.07MB]


Chapter Notes [ notes.pdf, 0.38MB] or [ notes.ps.Z, 0.78MB]

References [ ref.pdf, 0.26MB] or [ ref.ps.Z, 0.55MB]

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