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Departmental Computing Resources

Department web mail.

Spam control on Econometrics / Economics email can be done using Spamassassin (log in to an Emily and type help mail for instructions). You may also wish to consider using an email client like Mozilla / Thunderbird with spam recognition capabilities.

Important changes to department services

General resources

Quick Links to departmental and central campus computing resources.

Econometrics Laboratory, a Unix-based scientific computational facility dedicated to computationally intensive econometrics and statistics.

Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive, a repository of experimental algorithms, data sets, working papers, and other information resources.

Park Avenue and Field Research Offices, Graduate Student facilities for PC-based word processing, spreadsheets, and network applications.

Non-departmental facilities of particular interest to economists

XLab (Experimental Social Science Laboratory), a mobile Wintel facility for computer-based experiments.

Although not a computing resource, many electronic databases are available via the Thomas J. Long Business and Economics Library.