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Administrative, Student Services, and IT Personnel Directory

Administration - Business Office and Office of the Chair
Alex Mastrangeli,
Director of Operations and Administration
537 Evans 510-642-6172
Lochland Trotter, Budget Officer 529B Evans 510-643-0717
Heather Read, Accounting/Payroll Analyst 539 Evans 510-642-8043
Emil Schissel,
Chair's Assistant
Academic Personnel Analyst
533 Evans 510-642-3581
Joe Sibol, Receptionist 508-1 Evans 510-642-0822
Administrative Services Unit - Administrative Support to Faculty and Research Units
Thembi Jackson,
Center for Labor Economics Administrator
675 Evans 510-643-9692
Cheryl Applewood,
Assistant to Barry Eichengreen
605 Evans 510-643-9044
Judy Ikeda,
Econometrics Lab/PIPE Administrator
645 Evans 510-643-1625
Hong Nguyen, Coleman Fung Administrator 581 Evans 510-642-7393
Camille Fernandez,
CIDER/Burch Center Administrator
523 Evans 510-643-0711
Student Services Unit - Academic Planning and Graduate/Undergraduate Programs
Phil Walz, Director of Academic Planning and Student Services 545 Evans 510-642-2390
Patrick Allen, Graduate Advisor 541 Evans 510-642-0824
Ginnie Sadil-Roddie, Undergraduate Advisor 547 Evans 510-642-1966
Christina Yasi, Undergraduate Advisor 543 Evans 510-642-6674
Computing Resources - Department of Economics
LSCR, IT Desktop Support 687 Evans 510-642-1355
Econometrics Laboratory
Rowilma Balza del Castillo, EML - IT Administrator 643 Evans 510-642-0619