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Research Centers

Econometrics Laboratory

Dedicated to education and research in the field of computationally intensive econometrics, utilizing and advancing state-of-the-art methods, software, and hardware. The EML also maintains ELSA, the Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive.

Coleman Fung Risk Management Research Center

Supports research on quantitative methods to measure and control risk in financial and commodities markets, and the extension of these quantitative methods to other contexts.

Center of Evaluation for Global Action

Advances global health and development through impact evaluation and economic analysis.

Center for Regulatory Policy

Dedicated to faculty and graduate student research in regulation; to launch students into careers in regulation, through training and project experience; to provide for interaction and mutual learning among people at regulated firms, government agencies, and the University.

Center for Labor Economics

Dedicated to innovative research on labor market and social program issues by faculty and graduate students in the Department of Economics and in related Departments such as Agricultural Economics, Business, and Public Policy.

Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance

Dedicated to research in tax policy and public finance, dissemination of this research to the academic and tax policy communities, and stimulation of informed discussion of tax policies of national significance.

Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging

Supports research on the economic and demographic aspects of aging, including the biodemography of aging; demographic and fiscal projections; health, disability and mortality; behavioral and experimental economics; life cycle planning and intergenerational transfers; and labor supply.

Center for Equitable Growth

Supports research toward achieving economic growth that is widely and fairly distributed. It funds Berkeley Faculty and graduate student research on topics of equitable growth, and hosts visiting scholars pursuing research projects in areas of equitable growth.

Berkeley Economic History Laboratory (BEHL)

BEHL provides a platform for research in economic history, with a focus on theoretically informed, empirically rigorous historical analysis. Resources and activities center on the training of aspiring economic historians in policy-relevant research and the introduction of an historical dimension to research in other subfields.