Barry Eichengreen

George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science

Recent Books

"In Defense of Public Debt (with Asmaa El-Ganainy, Rui Esteves and Kris Mitchener), Oxford University Press, 2021

How to Achieve Inclusive Growth (edited with Valerie Serra, Asmaa El-Ganainy and Martin Schindler), Oxford University Press, 2021.


Recent Research Papers

"Revenge of the Experts: Will COVID-19 Renew or Diminish Public Trust in Science?" (with Cevat Aksoy and Orkun Saka), Journal of Public Economics (2021).

"The Shape of Recovery: Implications of Past Experience for the Duration of the COVID-19 Recession" (with Donghyun Park and Kwanho Shin), Journal of Macroeconomics (2021).

"Gold and South Africa's Great Depression," Economic History of Developing Regions (2021).


Recent Policy Papers

"The Dollar and its Discontents," Seoul Journal of Economics (Spring 2021).

"Europe's Hamilton Moment," Milken Review (October 2020).

"A World Awash with Debt," Prospect Magazine (October 2020).


Recent Op Eds, Reviews & Comments

Review essay of Jeffrey Garten, Three Days at Camp David, and Jose Antonio Ocampo's Resetting the International Monetary (Non)System, Project Syndicate (June 11, 2021).

"The Logic of Effective Climate Action," Project Syndicate (13 June 2021).

:The Political Scars of the Pandemic," Schweizer Monat (6 June 2021).