Barry Eichengreen

George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science

Recent Books


The Populist Temptation: Economic Grievance and Political Reaction in the Modern Era (Oxford University Press, 2018

How Global Currencies Work: Past, Present, and Future with Livia Chitu and Arnaud Mehl. Princeton University Press, November 2017.


Recent Articles & Papers

"IMF Reform: The Unfinished Agenda" with José De Gregorio, Takatoshi Ito, and Charles Wyplosz (September 2018)

Aftershocks of European Monetary Unification: Hysteresis with a Financial Twist” (with Tamim Bayoiumi), Journal of Banking and Finance (2018).

Banks, Financial Markets and the Development of International Currencies,” in Lilia Costabile and Larry Neal eds, Financial Innovation and Resilience (Palgrave 2018).


Recent Reviews, Op Eds & Comments

"The Stable-Coin Myth," Project Syndicate (9 September 2018).

"Ten Years After Lehman: Thinking About the Next Financial Crisis," Nikkei (7 September 2018).

"Investors Have the Power to Tame Erdogan and Trump," Financial Times (18 August 2018).