Barry Eichengreen

George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science

Recent Books

How Global Currencies Work: Past, Present, and Future
with Livia Chitu and Arnaud Mehl. Princeton University Press, November 2017.


Recent Articles & Papers

“When Capital Flows Come to a Stop” (with Poonam Gupta), Economia Chilena (2017).

“Can Countries Rely on Foreign Saving for Investment and Economic Development?” with Eduardo Cavallo and Ugo Panizza, Review of World Economy (2017).

“A Two Handed Approach to Secular Stagnation: Some Thoughts Based on 1930s Experience,” Journal of Policy Modeling (2017).


Recent Reviews, Op Eds & Comments

Review of Roman Studer, The Great Divergence Reconsidered, Journal of Interdisciplinary History (December 2017).

“U.S. Economic Policy: The Storm After the Calm,” Finanz und Wirtschaft (27 November 2017).

“The U.S. Dollar Dominates Global Finance – But for How Much Longer?” Prospect Magazine (22 November 2017).